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SANY makes charity easy and fun by organizing light public welfare activities
3 September, 2021

dave mason betonline,SANY Foundation has used many approaches to drive public engagement for our charitable activities, especially methods that are interactive and entertaining.

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The recruitment of pen-pals for left-behind children

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To make a better living, many young parents in rural China choose to be migrant workers, leaving their underage children behind. Unattended for years, these children suffer loneliness and are at a high risk of developmental issues.

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In coordination with Blue Envelope” Left-Behind Children Care Center, SANY Foundation hired 61 pen-pals” among SANY employees and the general public, who have maintained regular mail communication with thousands of left-behind children. Their parents are still far away, but love will never be absent again.    


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Find another me on this planet

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With this initiative, a user can upload his or her smiling photos to a face recognition application, which then matches the smiling user with a beneficiary with the most similar smile. The user can participate in and follow the charitable project that involves the matched beneficiary. “To help another me’ on this planet feels like I am helping myself.”   


The Empty Bottle Toss contest on Earth Day 2021  

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On Earth Day 2021, outside of SANY Foundations office in Beijing, passersby were drawn to this special activity. They were asked to collect littered empty plastic bottles in public areaand throw them into a bin by various means to score different points. For example, if successfully done, a normal front-facing shot scored one point; a shot through the legs scored three pointsa 360-spin-and-shoot scored four points, and a backwards shot scored five points. Apart from rewarding the highest-scoring contestant, for every 500 bottles retrieved from the bin, SANY Foundation donated RMB 1,000 to non-government environmental protection organizations

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